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"We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart."


-- H L Mencken, Minority Report (1956)


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Independence Day
Marie Castle and Sandy Beitsch discuss the meaning of our independence and Sandy sings a couple of songs for us.

How We Talk To Christians
Marie Castle and Dorothy Molstad discuss how to talk to Christians that approach us with "all the answers". Should we be polite or should we kick them in the shins?

Public Perception
Marie Castle and Trevor St Germain discuss the public perception as it relates to atheism, gay marriage and many other aspects of humanity.

A stranger in a strange land
Richard Meredith is from Wales, things there are a bit different concerning religion. He speaks with Marie Alena Castle about some of his experiences.

Heathcare without a prayer
Thanks to science Scott Muir was treated successfully for cancer, had he relied on prayer this video would probably not have happened!

Why we'd like to be Mormons
Randall Tigue talks about the finer points of the Mormon belief system.

Marie Castle, Communications Director Marie Castle
AFHR Communications Director
markIs There a God?
markTodd Friel Interviews Marie
Randall Tigue, Attorney Randall Tigue
First Amendment Attorney
markHalf A Dozen Bar Owners
markThe Myth of Sysiphus
markJohn Paul II: An Atheist Perspective
markElection 2004
markCorruption of the Blood
markThe Pocket Part of the Ten     Commandments
Dr. Robert Price Dr. Robert Price
Professor of Theology & Scriptural Studies
markUnderstanding the Islamic Religion
markDeconstructing Jesus
Professor Gerald Erickson Prof. Gerald Erickson
Classical & Near Eastern Studies
markEvolution and Religious Ignorance
markEvolution in Ancient Greece
Dr Ed Buckner Dr. Ed Buckner
President of American Atheists
markThe 15% Solution 1
markThe 15% Solution 2
markPublic Forum
Annie Chase Annie Chase
markAnnie's Use By Date 1
markAnnie's Use By Date 2
Professor Dan Barker Dan Barker
Classical & Near Eastern Studies
markNovember 2007 Public Forum
markThe growth of atheism
markWhy is there religion?
Anne, Archeologist Anne
markEarly Christian Religion
markArchaeology and the Bible
Dr. Faye Girsh Dr. Faye Girsh
Senior advisor for Final Exit Network
markFinal Exit Network
markTerri Schiavo
Kimberly Blaker, Author Kimberly Blaker
Social advocate & syndicated columnist
markThe Fundamentals of Extremism Part 1
markThe Fundamentals of Extremism Part 2
Minnesota Rep. Barb Goodwin Barb Goodwin
MN State Representative, District 50
markAnti-Human Heathcare
Jerry Flood Gerry Flood
Overpopulation researcher
markOverpopulation Part 1
markOverpopulation Part 2
Phil Duran, Outfront Minnesota Phil Duran
OutFront Minnesota
markAtheism and GLBT Equality
Jim Wright Jim Wright
AFHR Member
markTelling the Truth
Scott Muir, Video Manager Scott Muir
AFHR Video Manager
markMorality and Religious Ignorance
markTrustworthy Atheists
markThe Truth About Easter
Dave Hetterick Dave Hetterick
Late AFHR Video Manager
markHow I Became an Atheist
markTwo Words That Don't Belong

Todd Friel, KKMS Radio
Todd Friel
Co-host on KKMS Radio
markDebate with Dan Barker
markTodd Interviews Mark Perkel
markTodd Interviews Reginald Finley Sr.
markTodd Interviews Reba Boyd Wooden
markTodd Interviews Ellen Johnson
markTodd Interviews Marie Castle, Part 1
markTodd Interviews Marie Castle, Part 2

2005 Winter Solstice

2005 Winter Solstice
markThe Figleaf Chronicles: Escape From Eden
markThe Dance Scene

2006 Winter Solstice
markFingered By God: The Virgin Birth Chronicles

William Sierichs Jr William Sierichs Jr
William Sierichs Jr Dr Goparaju Vijayam
markAbout Atheist Centre